Old Lady In Tennis Shoes

by Jay Hiller, August 9, 2023

Photo by Joshua Hanks on Unsplash

It’s scary hot and it’s also the first week back at worky work. I’ve been wearing dresses, which in many ways are practical for this weather, dresses with red basketball shoes. When I was 17 and quite overweight I wore a big skirt with running shoes everywhere one summer when we were on vacation. It wasn’t as cool then as it, um, is now. My dad said when I got older I was going to be an old lady in tennis shoes. What that meant was that I was going to be an older woman who wore tennis shoes and bugged her congressional representatives a lot. Check.

Today’s workout:

It was an upper body kind of day. Bench presses with a slow lowering phase, band assisted pull ups, overhead presses, rows, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks. I was in such a bad mood when I started, having been busy all day doing things that didn’t necessarily move me forward. One of the good things about lifting weights is the goals are relatively simple. Pick up the heavy thing with the best form you can. Repeat. You build up heat in a satisfying way and you don’t have to think about much else. Then we took the dogs for a walk and Barney and Tessy helped me reach my step goal for the day.

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