Book Review: Fiber Fueled

by Jay Hiller, September 8, 2023

As I read, Fiber Fueled, I kept thinking of people I know who I think should read it. The author, Will Bulsiewicz, a gastroenterologist and clinical researcher, does a good job of presenting health information in a way that makes you want to follow through on it. He explains clearly and in detail why the gut microbiome (the trillions of microorganisms that evolved with us and support our health) is so important and how the food we eat affects the microbiome. His advice can be boiled down to eat a wide variety of plants to feed the beneficial organisms that affect our health and well being in so many ways. This book is an easy read with a lot of practical information. It’s still another strong argument for veganism, though the information is also good for non-vegans.

This week’s workouts

One of my colleagues described the four day work week this week as dense. He had that one right. I feel good about managing to get 4 strength training workouts in this week–3 free weights and one paralettes workout. I did a little yoga. I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped with my cardio workouts, though I got two swims in on Sunday and Monday. Happy this dense week is over and planning to follow through with some jump roping in the days ahead.

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