At last, a parallettes plan

by Jay Hiller, September 10, 2023

Finally getting some use from my Lebert Fitness Parallettes.

Today I walked in the heat to the neighborhood pool for a lap swim. The water wasn’t as hot as I expected, so I was surprised by how fast I ran out of steam. I hadn’t realized that the muscles in my upper back and shoulders were still tired from the parallettes workout I did last night.

I bought my parallettes right before the pandemic hoping they would be a way for me to work around some issues in my wrists while practicing handstands. After both my husband and my yoga teacher told me that this was a bad bad bad idea for me regardless of what the freakishly strong people on Instagram were doing, I tried to find different ways to use them. I found a free program on the internet, but I just didn’t have the baseline skills to take advantage of it. So for more than three years now, they’ve been in a corner of my gym. I’ve felt bad every time I’ve looked at them.

A few weeks ago I found an e-book on the manufacturer’s website, Bar Strong by Greg Carver. It has entry level workouts that allow you to build skills slowly. I’ve enjoyed them because they present me with just the right amount of challenge–not too easy, not too difficult. From this Goldilocks place, it’s fun to learn something new.

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