Impossible Pool Vibes

By Jay Hiller, September 24, 2023

Photo by john labelette on Unsplash

Our neighborhood pool is nice. I don’t think of it as a good place to lap swim. And I had reservations yesterday when my husband suggested going there to swim in the late afternoon. ‘Full of kids, warm as bath water,” I thought. When we got to the parking lot it was full of cars and I wanted to go home. ‘This is going to be impossible,’ I thought.

It turned out to be great. The cars seemed to be from the tail end of a party that was winding down. All the kids in the water were hanging onto the edge of the pool and I didn’t have to dodge anybody. And the water temperature was fine. When I finished my swim I did some pool walking and a little yoga and listened to two little girls talk about their travels. “I was on the plane for 2 days,” one of them said. “I went to London.”

This morning I was getting ready for my SUP yoga class and I saw some small birds flying near the dock. Remembering the advice from the Wild Asana book, I tried to pay attention to just one of them. But they were little and fast and moving in zig zags. “This is impossible,” I thought. And no sooner had I thought it, than a large water bird pulled out from the boat slips and flew low over the water, like he was flying down a highway. I watched him for as long as I could see him.

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