My only regret about the 2023 Paddlejam is that I didn’t try harder to get my friends to join me

By Jay Hiller, October 1, 2023

Rise Up & Shine, Seas the Day, Be In-Ten-tional–The Operation Get Out (OGO) Surf & Paddlejam bracelets are awesome.

The 2023 Operation Get Out Paddlejam was worth getting up early on a Sunday for. It’s a yearly event that honors female first responders and raises money to provide them with equipment to enjoy being out on the water. This is my fourth year to do it. (In 2020 I did the virtual option.) It’s a beginner friendly event, untimed and no one is keeping track of how far or how fast you go. I felt more comfortable than I ever have this year. I enjoyed the 5 mile paddle to Jessica Hollis Park for sure. And I really really enjoyed the motorboat ride back because I don’t get to be on a boat often. Were you all aware that a boat with an engine is significantly faster than a paddleboard?

I’ll be back next year and I’ll be challenging myself to try the surf day too. I’ve always said that being towed behind a motorized vehicle doesn’t make much sense to me. But I’m willing to consider the possibility that wakeboarding could be fun. More than one person has told me that it is. Maybe next year around this time we’ll see some pigs flying around Lake Austin.

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