Morning Quarry Swim

By Jay Hiller, June 30, 2023

Photo by Christopher Coronado, Lifetime Fitness website

My husband likes movie quotes. “I’ll take you someplace you’ve never been before,” he said the other day. (Do you know what movie that’s from?) I knew where we were going. He went about a week ago after clearing brush for a Craig’s list gig and came home super excited about it.

It turns out that the fancy gym we joined for the summer has a location with a private quarry swimming hole. We had it completely to ourselves for a long time and when we left there was one stand-up paddle board and a few other swimmers. The best part was no boats. There were floating platforms positioned along the perimeter and we swam from platform to platform. I felt more disconcerted than I expected not being able to see the bottom and started to get the hang of keeping myself oriented to where I was by lifting my head occasionally to see the next platform. When we were finished swimming the perimeter we sat on one of the platforms and enjoyed the morning. I felt so lucky to be there.

My smart watch knew we had been swimming, but it thought we were in a 25 meter pool. It knows a lot, but it didn’t know we had been someplace we’d never been before.

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