Food review: Banyan Foods Tofu Crumbles

By Jay Hiller, June 20, 2023

Tofu crumbles are convenient and they taste okay.

I don’t know what convinced me more to buy these, that they were on sale or the blurb on the back:

“The white block scares you. It sits in fridge waiting. It haunts your dreams at night. “

That’s an accurate description of the way I feel about tofu. I just have not had good success cooking with it, even with coaching from my daughter and her partner, both of whom are pretty good cooks. The waiting half an hour while the water gets pressed out of it is another barrier for me. I don’t experience cooking as a creative activity and when I go into the kitchen I’m hungry. I don’t want to wait around for some prima donna food to be ready for me to deal with.

This product eliminates all that. You can cook with it or you can throw it on a salad. It tastes fine, which isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement, I understand. I’m buying it again.

Why am I even bothering with tofu?

I’m eating a plant predominant diet nowadays, for my health and because I want to reduce my participation in the animal cruelty that goes into big agricultural businesses. The effect on the environment of those big farms also concerns me. It’s been a puzzle figuring out how to get enough protein with my particular goal of building and keeping muscle as a 61 year old woman. Tofu has a lot of protein and it doesn’t make me feel bloated.

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